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Welcome to the Banner Network

This is a U2 based banner exchange network provided by for U2 webmasters who are looking to generate additional targeted web traffic to their site. This is a completely free service and you can drop the use of the service at anytime by simply removing the code from your site and deleting your account.

The details are simple. When you sign up, you are given an HTML code snippet to put into your web site. You are then asked to submit a banner that you would like to use to advertise your web site and your banner must be exactly 468×60 no larger or no smaller. The display ratio is 1:1, which means for every one impressions you give the network, you get 1. The more traffic you generate, the more exposures you get on the network.

What are the benefits of this network? The sites submitted are reviewed by us to ensure that they are relevant to U2 fans before they are added to the network. Secondly, your banners won’t display on your own site, only elsewhere on the network where people will click on them. Third, our extensive real-time generated reports, provided free of charge, allow you to see your stats and click-through percentages. And lastly, your site maybe featured in our Featured Site box on the home of the U2 Exchange.

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